Gender: Male
Born: December 19th
Occupation: Student

LizardMaster178 (born December 19th; UK) is a user on the Wikia site. He is well known for his love for lizards. He loves Froakie, lizards, to write, roleplay, go on his laptop (almost everyday), play Pokémon, draw, watch TV, sing, and listen to music.


  • His favorite Pokémon is Froakie.
  • He prefers Pokémon over Super Mario.
  • He prefers Twilight over Harry Potter.
  • However, he prefers The Hunger Games over Twilight.
  • He was born in England.
  • He is British.
  • He regrets many things he has done in his life and generally tries to be a good guy.
  • He loves anime and manga.
  • He has a leopard gecko named Lenny.